How to Optimize Your Oral Hygiene

Here are some tips:

1. Brush twice a day … at least. That is, once in the morning when you wake up (or after your morning coffee if that's the order you prefer), once before bed, and then once after lunch, preferably. IF you're only going to brush once (which is highly unreceived, that one time should be at night before bed.

2. Floss once a day. And if floss gets all tangly and confusing for you, switch to dental sticks. These are like toothpicks, but have a flat or sometimes triangular shaped end, perfect for inserting between teeth. If you bleed during the process, do not give up. In a few days time, the boring should reduce or disappear. The bleeding is your gums screaming out to you, "Please, do this more often. I need this on a regular basis!"

3. Brush your tongue and lips during the tooth brushing process. Brushing your tongue will help to eliminate bad breath, and brushing your lips will help loosen dead skin, making your lips look soft and supple.

4. Apply lip balm after brushing, to maintain lip moisture and health. Regular petroleum jelly also works wonders to restore moisture to dry lips.

5. If you have receding gums use a sensitive toothpaste and an ultra soft toothbrush. NOTE: You do not need to be old to have receding gums. Many young people also have thin or receding gums. By using highly abrasive toothpaste (as most are) and by using a hard or even medium toothbrush, you're literally brushing away your gums, setting you up for serious oral and periodontal problems in the future.

Source by Emilie Joe

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