Of all cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry are the most sought after treatment. Over the last few years, implant dentistry has become so popular that more and more people are opting to improve their appearance, confidence and smile.

This type of dentistry is mainly used in replacing a missing tooth. However, apart from replacing a missing tooth, implants also improves your smile, self confidence, looks, and the way you speak.

Before you decide to have implant dentistry done, take a look at the following 9 myths explained.

1. Any dentist can perform the procedure Implant dentistry is a very technique-sensitive and skilled procedure that requires several years of practicing to perfect. Most people think that all dentists can place implants, where in fact, only periodontists and oral surgeons are trained for this during their schooling. These are the only dental specialists you need to consider when you require implant dentistry.

2. Dental implants require heavy maintenance

They function the same way as normal teeth and therefore, require no more maintenance as the surrounding teeth. Regular brushing and flossing should do the trick.

3. The placement of implants is painful

The fact is, if done correctly, implant dentistry can be one of the least painful procedures. During the placement of dental implants, the patient remains under anesthesia, so the procedure is essentially pain free. However, during recovery, patients may experience mild soreness and discomfort near the affected area. This is temporary.

4. Implant dentistry is costly

Dental implants are not cheap. However, taking into consideration, that the implants are designed to last a lifetime, not only is it an affordable treatment option, but also a great investment.

5. Dental implants are not for old people

Implants are just as successful in older patients as in youngger patients. In fact, dental implants are more popular along the older crowd.

6. Implant dentistry is a relatively new procedure

This type of dentistry was innovated and performed successfully back in the late 1960s.

7. Dental implants costs more than dental bridges

Yes, the initial upfront payment for implants is more expensive. However, the long term savings are sure to make up for it. Dental bridges usually needs to be replaced every 10 years, where dental implants are made to last a lifetime.

8. Dental implants take a long time to complete

Most implant procedures are usually completed within a 3 month time period. However, in … More

As your smile is one of the first things that people notice about you, it's important to look after it. Unfortunately, the pleasures of everyday life can take their toll on our teeth and they can become discolored over time through being subjected to things like tea and coffee every day and the occasional glass of wine – all of which are big culprits when it comes to tooth staining.

It's well known that there are plenty of teeth whitening treatments available, but there are now so many to choose from it can be difficult to know which one works best for what type of problem.

One technique is called Zoom teeth whitening and is a treatment that many people choose to undergo because it is both fast and effective. Zoom teeth whitening is a fairly new treatment that makes way for immediate effects, making it a popular choice with patients hoping to improve their smile.

For example, the zoom teeth whitening treatment can whiten your teeth by as much as ten shades in a single treatment, which is a significant difference that you will see the moment you look in a mirror. What's more, the treatment lasts just one hour, making it an ideal lunchtime procedure for busy people.

What happens during this procedure is that the lips and gums are prepared so that just the teeth are exposed to the dentist. Your dentist will then apply a whitening gel to the teeth, which uses hydrogen peroxide to bleach your teeth to a more attractive coloring. Following the application of the gel, a Zoom heat lamp will be used to warm the area and activate the gel, which will then begin the whitening process.

The entire procedure takes no longer than an hour, which makes it perfect for busy people. The treatment is also pain free and incredibly effective – particularly when compared with other teeth whitening treatments on a length basis. In under an hour, the zoom procedure can whiten your teeth by between six and ten shades, which is a compelling reason to try it out.

Whatever your teeth are only mildly discolored or noticeably so, their appearance will be significantly devoid of tea, coffee, wine or tobacco stains following a Zoom whitening treatment – which is not bad for an hour's work.

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Misalignment of the teeth is a news, especially in the dental niche. Every day millions of people from various parts of the globe are opting for suitable treatment procedures to correct the misalignment of their teeth. 6 month smile treatment can be included in the group – it is labeled as one of the most effective manners to get your teeth aligned. The added advantage of the procedure is that the treatment is affordable by anyone, unlike expensive treatment options like Invisalign. In the rest of the passage, I will be outlining certain aspects of this innovative procedure.

6 month smile treatment is noted to follow the utilization of metal braces to align the teeth. In fact, this is being done by most of the dentists all over the world. The teeth set is altered by the tensional forces imparted to the teeth by these metallic braces. There is something that must be noted – the tensional force imparted by these braces might diminish with the passage of weeks. Here, it is mandatory to visit the dentist at regular intervals – they will ensure that the correctness is always maintained.

Many misconceptions are prevalent in the niche – the popular one being the following – this specific treatment procedure may inconvenience. In fact, Invisalign experts are advertising this one "disadvantage". Considering the effective savings in the costs (that is borne by you), I should severely negate that statement. If you do not want to experience discomfort be prepared to spend money extravagantly, else opt the 6 month smile procedure. Once the teeth have been aligned correctly, something termed as a retainer must be worn for a certain duration – the retainer will ensure that the teeth remain in the new and altered position.

Dental procedures are costly – it is better to discuss the effective treatment costs with the dentist before enrolling for a suitable treatment program. For the same procedure, the rates may vary among the dentists. There are various factors that will decide the overall cost of the 6 month smile procedure. Hidden charges are quite common in the niche; Ensure that the dentist does not resort to such procedures. Transparency in the billing is a much-desired feature that must be noted on a dentist, along with his skill set. If you look forward to treating the misalignment, it is imperative that you should do your homework!

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Preventive dental care will insure your teeth are healthy while decreasing the risk of gum disease and painful cavities. Many dental insurance plans cover preventive care with cleaning, and checksups. To keep your smile healthy, shop around for the best dental plan to suit your needs. The following describes different types of dental care insurance and treatment coverage options available. Dental insurance is usually divided into two types based on the co-pays and network providers.

The Managed Care Dental Insurance Plan:
This plan has a network of doctors that are providers, doctor visits and treatment must be done within the network so choices of scholars are limited to the network providers. Many in this dental plan are assigned a dentist for preventive care within the network.

The Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Plan: This dental plan has a network of dental health care providers and you choose your doctors and service providers in the network. Going outside of the network may not be covered.

The Fee for Service Dental Insurance Plan:
Dental treatment services are paid at time of service. This plan allows choice of any doctors with individual dental service claims made after each visit. The insurance company then reimburses for any medical expenses covered in the dental plan. Many of the plans have set prices for certain services so check carefully to understand what the plan covers and possible limitations.

Dental Treatment Options and Cost Comparison:
In many dental plans, the least expensive treatment option will be followed by the physician because the dental plan will cover only the less cost procedure.

The patient must cover the additional cost if choosing a more expensive treatment option. For choices in treatment options, monthly premiums are higher but more dental services and procedures are available. Check the policy to find out who makes the treatment decisions. Many people prefer getting higher quality treatments and will opt for higher premiums and co-pays

Dental Treatment and Services Coverage:
Read the policy to find out if the plan covers preventive care for routine cleansings and checksups. Does it cover emergency services? Many plans cover both and list the services covered in the plan. Here's a typical list of routine treatments in a full dental plan:

1) Full x-ray checkup – every three years,
2) Initial oral examination – once per dentist
3) Recall examinations – twice per year,
4) Cavity x-ray checkup – once … More